Sunday, November 1, 2015

Diwali ka Diwala

This Diwali make your smartphone shop for you right from the luxury of your home. Or this Diwali go out and shop your heart full on new hero bike. This Diwali just donty shop for you but for your entire family. This Diwali paint your home bright with Asian Paints. This Diwali go broke, bankrupt, get ruined and stay impoverished everafter.
Deepika padukone in Tanishq ad rightly says that for past many years Diwali in her home has not changed. She always gets a jewellery fromm his father. And in the end just as if that would not be enough her mother also has a jewellery which we surely know fromm her expression that it is new. Sure way to get the Diwala out of your father.
Or paint your home not with ordinary distemper or chuna, dig deep into your pocket and have your house painted with nerolac paint or Nerolac ki raunak as asked by Shahrukh khan.
Aur is Diwali khushiyan lle chalo, Cadbury celebrations le chalo. Larger the packet larger the khushiyan lesser the number of choclates. Jao le jao khushiyan. You can either buy ever reliable boondi k buniyan in less than half the price of single chocolate inside the pack.
This Diwali if you are not already famished after month long all special and exclusive sales on amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, jabong, myntra, santra, kaddu, muli etc .com then go celebrate Diwali as you have already did for so long.

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