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Harry Potter and The Battle of Bihar

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Harry Potter and The Battle of Bihar

Bihar has successfully weathered the month long slugfest festival enjoyed thoroughly by  the insatiable media. During the same time I bumped across a news about “Harry Potter and the cursed child”,  a play revolving around the Potter story 19 years later where it left, scheduled to open at London Theatre in July 2016.
Within seconds the Potter mania engulfed my consciousness and I relived the decade long symbolic association with the wizard as if time travelling in Hermoines’s Time Turner in the  Prisoner of Azkaban. But the ever monotonous news updates about Bihar elections unwittingly  hooked me to the present.

I tried again to peek into the Hogwarts school and found myself surrounded by muggles all across from Bihar. Muggles from Munger to Darbhanga, Muggles of all castes and religion. I found the wizarding atmosphere full of political colours. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff houses were now owned by various political parties honing their charms and spells over the muggles. The Tri Wizard tournament from Goblet of Fire is replaced by the democratic election process. Where each party has to place their best wizard forward who can successfully cast the Imperius curse(hypnotising)  over the muggles to win over their votes. I was dejected to see the best Witchcraft school turned into a vicious land of power seekers. 

In order to seek clarification from Hagrid I ventured  into the  Forbidden Forest. There I saw our hero, our ordinary boy with whom we all shared a significant part of growing up years. The Boy-Who-Was-Elected with his spect-acular looks and side-swept hair  Niti-ease Potter sat dismally with his Philosophers Stone, caressing it gently to become an immortal CM.

He narrated me how he along with Laalo Weasley and Hermoine Gandhi have formed The Muggle Gatbandhan to defend against the Saffron Wizard Lord VadodaraMort. He narrated me how the Saffron Lord’s  army have  been  casting  democratically Unforgivabe curses in the land of         Bizar-dry.How they once intentionally used the magical spell ‘Accow’ and not the more appropriate ‘Accio’ to summon the cow lovers to their party. How the frequency by which Lord apparates and disapparates  between Delhi and Bihar has been troubling him. The intensity of casting charms using theatrical expression and hand gestures mastered by the  Lord has done sort of Bombarda Maxima among the muggles.

The verbal duel between  Weasley’s Ron Janta Dal (RJD) and Saffron Lord’s Baahar-ki Janta Party (BJP) once dropped so low during a Quidditch game that the Ministry of Magic had to personally reprimand both to maintain the decorum of game.

At another stance, I saw Amit-Dementor Shah sucking happiness out from our boy through many communal spells but the boy successfully casted a Expecto Patronus Bihari spell and won over a million heart.Sadly, Hermoine’s charms were so dull that she did not even qualified for being called a wizard. She was past her best and the Muggles left her rallies to rest.

But, I found the ideals of Albus Dumbledore a.k.a JP in Bihar waning among his followers. The one-who-must-Always-be-named was nevertheless wrong in irresponsibly using his Wizardry powers entrusted upon him by muggles across the nation. But our trio fearless heroes including the Boy-who-was-elected did not fared up to our expectation.

May be the Lord’s  ‘Achhe-Din-ka-Dabra’ become the killing spell for the Niti-ease Potter, or may be our boy grabs the ELDER WAND again from the Diagon Alley to become the best wizard born ever. As I recede from my Potterlogy  to reality I wish, whoever wins, Bihar gets to rise above its Deathly Hollows.

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  1. tu sala itna time nikalta kahan se hai be
    Waise hai mast

  2. Very well narrated.. Good thought.. Keep going


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