Sunday, November 27, 2016

Coins and Notes Call a Nationwide Strike

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The auditorium was packed beyond its capacity. Notes and coins of all denomination were jostling for space. Sweat ensured that all notes new and old looked crumpled as if just rescued from drowning into a washing machine along with a lousy jeans trouser. Torn and worn out notes were pulled up by young brigades wearing silver lined suits. All had assembled to stage a protest.  A protest to earn their self-respect back, a protest to mark their dissent, a protest to bring back the nawabs of Indian currency-500 and 1000 note. It was ironical that those who always comprised ‘change’ or ‘chuttein’ among Indian currency had assembled to resist a change initiated by Govt on 8th of November.

“Remember remember the 8th of November, the ban on 500 and 1000 note. I know of no reason why these currency denomination should ever be forgot”, roared a tattered 5 rupee note as its body trembled like a piece of paper. The improvised dialogue of Guy Fawkes met with thunderous applause from  crowd of 10 rupee, 20 rupee, 50 rupee notes. Whistles and cheers echoed from the fully occupied backbenches as the chiller coins  danced in jubilation .

A 25 paise coin from Bengal, where it is still worth a handful of jhaalmuri, representing the Ting Ming Congress (TMC) addressed the crowd next,”They banned me and my brethrens... hum chup raha,but now their overnight arrest and ban of our leaders will not be tolerated.Karara jawaab milega..karara jawaab milega”, a rupturous crowd was overjoyed.

Next, the Chiller Party of Minting (CPM) representative Bindi Karwahat came down heavily on govt and dared to ban one rupee coin as she uses a rupee coin to make a bindi on her forehead.Her bindi is reportedly safe now as the govt has no plan to ban currency of lower denomination.
AIADMK- All India Anti DeMonetisation Kratikaris have agreed on the sidelines of dubbed Tamil movies on SetMax to stage their version of Aakrosh divas called “Mera Aakrosh Divas” or “Ek aur Aakrosh Divas”. Questioning the intention of government DeMonetisation Kyun (DMK) party chief has lately questioned the govt’s move that created a fear atmosphere among the ordinary currencies of India.

“No one is safe now”, said an old 50 paise kaka.”I have seen many of my siblings being  arrested and banned but in this way never. As long as we coins are used in tosses of cricket match we are safe, but what about the notes?They are still unsafe”, he added.
Taking an offence on its face value a fifty rupee note replied,” You are tossed buddy,  we serve casinos ”.

In a nation driven with emotion, no speech fair or unfair, concludes unless tears swell up in the eyes of spectators. Thus a sobbing crowd next welcomed in admiration the badi bahu of currency, the estranged wife of Rs 500 and a note that served for long the nation’s economical interest with her value of Rs 100. “My tears are not yet dried and I will not let it dry my friends. I seek an answer and I seek it now”. A wave of sympathy, regard and a sense of revenge swept across the crowd. “If a black marketeer uses us for his vested interest, are we to blame?Are we to blame if  someone keeps us not in the bank accounts but unaccounted in the dark lockers of his home? Are we to blame if our foreign counterparts are valued more  than us?  Tell me, o chiillers at the back, are we the Kala Dhan?” The coins rolled down from the back and occupied the front space . The auditorium echoed with “No!! No!!! we are not”. 

“You prefer silence when someone amongst us is kidnapped and replaced with a new face. Silence prevails when we are humiliated by introducing a note of higher denomination even without seeking our approval. Silence prevails when democracy becomes democrisis.  This casteist nation has turned racist. They have labelled their people on the basis of caste and now we are called White, black and pink money.  Will you be silent now when our unity is at stake? Will you be silent when your revered leaders are banned overnight without serving a notice period?Tell me, Will you just remain mute spectators of our dooming fate at the hands of Bourgeoise debit and credit cards. Will you not O! Proleteriat of the nation's economy revolt?Kab Aakhir kab khaulega re khoon tera Faizal?"

Chairs flew up in the air, curtains were ripped apart, beads of tears mixed with sweat sparkled from the clenched fists raised in air . Every coin and note worth its value screamed in resounding approval, “Paanch sau ka, hazaar ka..sabka badla lega re tera Faizal

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  1. This was a hilarious read.

    Chhuta is the new king, indeed!

    1. Hard to believe that my idol blogger just read my post!! Tons of thanks Madam. Thanks a lot for visiting here. Words can't express my feelings when I saw your comment here. Thanks again.


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