Monday, August 31, 2015

My take on Income Tax return

Its pleasure to file your IT return on the last day. Its valour to defy their repeated reminders through messages and emails. When you delete those messages, when you ignore those emails consider it as your bold declaration of war against a gamut of IT officials who have ruthlessly seized your hard earned money in form of taxes.
But I sort of take extreme care and diligence to file it not on the last day but in the last hour, preferably in the last minute. I want to keep the IT officials pondering till the last minute of the time i have. Its ecstacy to feel that the guy who has deducted almost a month of my salary as income tax is sitting in anticipation on the other side of network biting the last nails he has.Wheteher I will or I’ll not.That may sound weird .But i seek satisfaction in thinking so. The act of filing an IT return is not due compliance but my vengeance towards the IT deptt.When W.H Auden wrote that “ those to whom evil is done do evil in return” I consider he meant an IT return and i completely abide by it.
The whole financial year gets over by playing hide and seek with the IT deptt.If they had their TDS, I had my NPS. If they brandished their cess and surcharge, i countered with my PPF and insurances .
The soulful joy is when you cunningly pluck out your secret move from the pack of cards and surprise them with an extra unreported savings done . A 500 here and a 1000 there saves a 50 here. The refund amount may be small but it gives a paradigm shift to your effort of filing return.The whole idea is not to reveal all your savings in a go and keep a few for the last moment to climb the bandwagon of Tax refunds .
Although the truth is that you can’t change your fate and you can’t change your total tax. But you can fight your fate and you can claim your refund from tax. Its just an alter way of thinking. For full one year a lioness sharpens her claws, works hard and plans and effects a kill. The lion simply comes and carries a major chunk from her kill on the pretext of rule and strength. The lioness is a salaried employee and the lion is IT deptt. To get a tax refund is that moment when you can strike and snatch the meat out of the lions mouth.
A net tax refund makes you feel like an achiever,a shrewd planner who has just turned the table to the other side. So you invest all your lifes accountancy, use all statistics , trignometry or geometry or every rubbish you have read but make sure that in the end you get the hell out of your IT return and get them to pay you back. After all the one who strikes the final blow is the one who wins.

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