Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Indian Railway and Job Satisfaction

Completed 1.5 yrs as Asst Div Engg and also full probation period with Indian Railways.
Being a part of a system that has shouldered the expectations of an entire population for more than 160 years feels great. I have seen  people sacrificing their lives or suffering irreparable injury while performing their duty to keep the route safe for trains. The selfless devotion of  people towards the sytem is commendable. People whose single pursuit is to keep the wheel rolling and the giant moving. For me the Moto of Indian Railways is “Keep Moving’. No matter what  just keep moving . For this giant machinery has not learnt to stop even in harsh circumstance or an extreme climate. And the fraternity of railwaymen ensures that it serves its only purpose day in and day out safely and promisingly to connect people across region. This is not an ordinary organization. This orgnzn has carried all generations successfully ,literally and physically. For the past 160 years it has catered to all demands, be it individual, political, occupational or religious and is still on track.  Some may feel it has failed, but it never has. It has always evolved in better ways. To satisfy the need of  2.3 crore passengers every day  and simultaneously making an earning for the entire 13 lakh employees is not a failure. When the endeavour of an organisation is to satisfy million needs at a time then it can’t be termed a failure.
 It was during the restoration work after the  Muri express derailment on New Delhi - Ald route, two weeks ago, which brought one of the busiest route of IR to standstill that I realised the motive of our organization. I realised that whatever happens, the first objective was to to make it move. There I  realised that the satisfaction does not lie in the closed comforts of a luxurious room, not even in owning a brand new car, not also in the cool ambience of a mountain hill being able to pay a five star hotel bill. These are occasional thirst  which must be quenched but can never give a feeling of completeness . It was after being awake for continuous 43 hours and at the restoration site for continuous 32 hours I realised the demands of duty. After being baked under the bright noon sun, and washed with the hot dusty winds , with minimal food to eat and only water to rescue that I felt complete and satisfied.
 I realised that no work is small ,no system is perfect,  no job is complete in itself.  The curve of satisfaction in  any job represents a sinusoid . Someday its far above while  someday its too below.  Someday you crave for more while someday you wish it remains as it is. I detest many part of  my working schedule. Like many I complain about the facilities as a Govt officer , frown about the job demands , dislike its unnecessary phone calls .But then let the detestable part of this job be the lower half of that elusive satisfaction. For after it brooms you up to the crest which leaves memories for years.
The other day one of my friend in another Govt orgnzn told me that she was proud of Indian Railway. I was just back from an unpleasant  late night protocol and didn’t replied to her then. But yes, deep down in our heart , proud is what we feel!

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