Saturday, May 21, 2011

Abdul Kalam ke 'kalam se'- Some defining lines from Wings of Fire

To live only for some unknown future is superficial. It is like climbimg a mountain to reach the peak without experiencing its sides. The sides of the mountain sustain life,not the peak.This is where things grow,experience is gained, and technologies are mastered. The importance of the peak lies only in the fact that it defines the sides. So I went on towards the top, but always experiencing the sides. I had a long way to go but I was in no hurry. I went in little steps-just one step after another-but each step towards the top.


  1. I had read at St. Joseph's that an electron may appear as a particle or wave depending on how you look at it. If you ask a particle question, it will give a paricle answer: if you ask awave question , it will give a wave answer.

    pg 112

  2. The sweetness we taste in apiece of sugar is neither a property of the sugar nor a property of ourselves. We are producing the experience of sweetness in the process of interacting with sugar.

    Pg 112

  3. Don't worry and fret, fainthearted,
    The chances have just begun,
    For the best jobs haven't been started,
    The best work hasn,t been done.

    Pg 75


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