Wednesday, February 14, 2018

An open Letter To My Wife On Valentine's Day

My dear,

wifey-as you like to be called,wife-as I prefer and since I have been using your Jio network for past one year-my dear wi-fi.

You will be proud to know that your favourite actor,Sushant Singh Rajput in the movie MS Dhoni, and me both have one thing in common. We don’t believe in Valentine day-phalentine day. So far in my life the only day I have wished to any girl is a Happy Rakshabandhan. Never have I experienced the underlying feelings and hidden emotions behind this day. After  meeting all those pretty girls when  finally I met you, believe me the only thought I had was regret. I mean, regret of not having  met you before.

Devoid of any experience in the matters of Cupid, I am equally excited and embarrassed, bubbling with immense pleasure and confusion, leading to a khichdi of emotion, to wish you a happy Valentine’s day.

My love, this will be our first Valentine day celebration together. Promise me that you will always remember this one forever so that we may never have to celebrate another.
Since the advent of February, I have seen a certain restlessness in you. I have seen your eyes gleam during TV advertisements of products as cheap as Cadbury dairy milk to Tanishq jewellery. The gleam in your eyes told my heart that I should have never recharged Tata Sky for this month. But the mistake is done and my options are none, other than to put my best smile forward and pretend that this valentine’s day is really special.

Darling, I respect your feelings and also your early morning bed teas that you've diligently served ever since our marriage. I also know that you never expect a gift from me and love me truly. We both understand that with time love never weakens, it only alters its shape. Recently for no good reason it has altered into shape of  dipping sugar level and warmth in your tea. As a gesture of  love and  proposal to extend our MOU over morning tea for another year, I present to you this lovely gift enclosed with this letter. Dear, don’t consider this just a valentine's day gift. This is more than that from my side to you. This is also your marriage anniversary gift which surprisingly happens to be only after a few days.  

Darling, I am elated to have you in my life. Your presence has doubled my happiness and expenditure in equal measure. Oh dear, my love for you increases every month unlike the dearness allowance in my salary.  You will  be glad to know that I have invested all my love and affection and past one year savings into this gift. I am sure, sweetheart, you will readily appreciate my love and my loan EMI henceforth and would cut upon your monthly expenditures for few months.

I understand, my wife, that apart from social obligations that you have so wonderfully fulfilled, you also have a social network obligation, which you manage  through your facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp status. Your friends will definitely ask about your first Valentine’s day post marriage. They will engage you into a terrific status war on Whatsapp. You must not shy away from resorting to any lie about our celebration. You should update our edited pics over and again on facebook and instagram provided you don’t tag me into them.

As for my plans for this day, hold your breath. Now release it. Repeat it for few seconds till you attain calmness. Now standstill and look deep into my eyes. You will see a medium size Pizza and two stuffed garlic breads, your favourite all from Dominos. Yupee!!

Wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.
Your’s truly

Note: No women's rights were violated while writing this post.

Thankyou for reading

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